Live Your Best Life This Weekend

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It's Fri-yayyyy! Here is a mix of my favorite things and things I just think are interesting. If you're bored and need a little weekend motivation, this is the list for you! Book I'm currently reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. READ THIS! I put it off for so long because I heard mixed reviews. But… Continue reading Live Your Best Life This Weekend

Weekly Challenge 1: Save $50

I will be doing a segment every week with a challenge to help us all live healthier and happier lives. Some will be focused on budgeting, and some will be focused on healthy living. I will participate in the challenge as well, and tell you my results the following week! This Weeks Challenge: Save $50… Continue reading Weekly Challenge 1: Save $50

August Budget Breakdown

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  Here is the breakdown of my current budget, and some of the ways that I am saving money! I am lucky enough to have some of my expenses covered by my company(transportation and gym), which helps a ton. This is always a good thing to look for when you're seeking a new job, the… Continue reading August Budget Breakdown